More About Me

Jane’s passion for real estate began after a long career in the restaurant business. As owner of one of New Tampa’s first restaurants, The Boston Cooker, she watched this area grow and develop into its present thriving community. Although originally from Boston, Jane has called this area home for so long that she remembers, as a USF student, when Bruce B. Downs Boulevard was known as “the road to nowhere”.

So, when Jane decided to pursue another career, the decision was an easy one. She knew her restaurant experience had given her a unique opportunity to develop friendships in the community, and that these relationships, along with her love and knowledge of the area, made the transition to Realtor a simple one. Now, with more than ten years in the real estate business as a successful Realtor, Jane’s career decision has been validated as the right one.

Jane is someone who understands the importance of “listening” to her clients and really understanding who they are and what type of home and area would make them happy. Having lived on both sides of Tampa Bay, she has a unique perspective on what each area has to offer. She understands this is a huge undertaking and can be an extremely emotional and stressful time. Jane derives great satisfaction in keeping the process simple and enjoyable, while still making sure that the perfect home and section of Tampa Bay is secured for her client’s future. She is one of those rare Realtors who can even offer a wealth of experience and information regarding Tampa Bay’s specialty neighborhoods. Her thorough knowledge of our real estate market makes her an ideal Realtor for anyone looking to buy or sell. Jane is dedicated to turning this often difficult process into an easy, stress-free and successful experience.